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Review - Trumpeter MiG-21 F13, Chinese F-7 II, Chinese F-7EB

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We've been asked a lot of questions about these kits - the earlier MiG-21 MF and Two Seater kits have been widely reviewed, but not a lot has been published about these birds.

It goes without saying that we've bought at least on of each of the Trumpeter MiG-21 family - so we're able to publish the following kit contents and a few notes on construction of the F13 variant.

MiG-21 F13

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As you can see, I've started work on the first of the two F13 kits I have. First warning - I broke the rear canopy section first time around - the second has a tiny hairline crack in the same place - so be careful!

The model goes together pretty well, apart from the fit of the tail section to the fuselage, and the fitment of the wings... To cure the rear joint the easiest method is to remove a triangular dart of plastic from the top joint of the rear fuselage section - in effect narrowing it. The wing joint needs a few minutes with some Milliput - just make sure you remove any excess with a damp cloth to avoid any sanding.

The worst area is the under-fuselage 'gun panels' - the fit here is not good. I also had concerns over the shape of the Port fairing - spent a lot of time studying pictures of service F13s and came to the conclusion it should be more pointed in shape (I suspect the shape is correct for the F7 variants). Easy answer - the missiles included in the kit are almost exactly the same shape, so with a little surgery and gap filling super glue the problem was cured. The photo above shows the work.

Another area of inaccuracy is the position of the ventral strake - too far back. Simply move the mounting holes forward so that the strake aligns with the fuselage joint.

No one produces an aftermarket cockpit yet, but the kit supplied one is pretty good.

So, what's in the kit:

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Note the two tyres - the one on the left is the smaller diameter mainwheel supplied with these kits - that on the right that supplied with the MiG-21 MF kit - yes, Trumpeter have done their homework!

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Chinese F-7 II

This is very similar to the F13 kit, with the new canopy and parachute housing being the main differences.

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Chinese F-7EB

Just look at that wing! If you want a '21 with a difference - this is it!

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Please don't forget to mention that you read about them here!  ;-)