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We managed to talk to JP of PWMP ant the recent IPMS UK National Championships at Telford. Apologies - some of the photo's aren't as sharp as we'd have liked.

pwmp.h4.jpg (24877 bytes)

wpeA.jpg (30264 bytes)

PWMP have an interesting range of high quality accessories - just take a look at this list dated November 2002 (click on image to see full version):

pwmp.h10.jpg (58459 bytes)

Order form below:

pwmp.h11.jpg (33746 bytes)

Hot off the press is a set of Decals for the Trumpeter MiG19/Shenyang F6 in Pakistan Air Force markings - take a look below:

The image has been deliberately degraded to
prevent un-authorised reproduction of the decal sheet.

These Decals are of excellent quality and will be a boon to anyone like me that was looking for something a little more colourful! The sheet is large - A4, and represents good value - the only thing any user will need to be aware of is that it's got a solid varnish layer, so items will have to be individually cut around before using.

SIG Rating? Excellent!

Due for release in the near future will be a range of USN carrier tow tractors - ideal for all those F4s, F14s, F18s etc...

Pre-Production models were on display and are shown below.

pwmp.h1.jpg (25528 bytes)pwmp.h2.jpg (22896 bytes)pwmp.h3.jpg (22990 bytes)

We look forward to being able to get hold of these when launched - we'll post some pictures here.


24th May 2003

Latest images of the new tow tractors - over to JP:

"Here are some previews from my navy tractors. I received a testshot from my decals last week, and the air hose for the large one is almost ready, so I expect that the trucks will be available within a few weeks."

muleoldtype1.png (551924 bytes)muleoldtype2.png (557035 bytes)

muleoldtypew1.png (373030 bytes)muleoldtypew2.png (418776 bytes)


New Images - 01 June 2003

muledet1.png (488072 bytes)muledet2.png (368244 bytes)muledet3.png (420987 bytes)

STOP PRESS - New Images - 28th October 2003

pwmp.h12.jpg (8280 bytes)pwmp.h13.jpg (8160 bytes)pwmp.h14.jpg (8071 bytes)

Latest images from JP:

"Pics from my new backpack for the navy mules. I added this to an old type. This is also the generator for my new tractor. They should be available at Scale Modelworld 2003 at Telford in November."

We look forward to getting our hands on these super products in the near future!


For more information, contact JP at plasticworld@skynet.be

And please don't forget to mention that you read about it here!  ;-)

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